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First of all you have to log in to Flipkart Affiliate. After login you will reach the dashboard. Here you will see some options on the left hand side, from there you have to click on Affiliate Tools.

Then you will have some more options like Product Links and Banners, Promotional Banners and Widgets, Search Tools and APIs etc. You have to click on the product link and banner first from here.

After clicking here, you will be asked about the product and category you want to sell, enter it and click on the search button. Then that product will appear on your screen and below that you will see link button click it.

Then some multiple button options will be given here, you can choose a button of your choice. Then you click on the OK button, which will give you a code. And in this way, from here you will be provided with the affiliate code for that product, which you will use on your website.
The affiliate code will be different for each product you are selecting.

Apart from this, if you promote through links of new offers or banners in your website, then it can be even better for you, because people like to see offers.

For this you can go to Affiliate Tools and click on Promotional Banner.

Here some banners will appear in front of you, among them you can select any banner.

There you will see the Generate Code button, by clicking on it you will be able to generate the code for that banner. And you can promote it by copying it in your website too.
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