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1 – Create Author Profile

Whenever you create a blog, then definitely create an author profile in your blog. So that Google can know who writes content on your blog. If you write yourself, then tell about yourself how much experience you have on the topic on which you are writing the blog.

2 – Create Social Media Profile

Create an account of the writer of your blog in different social media. And make all accounts professional.

Like if your blog is above health, then in the social media profile also you have to tell the writer of your blog as a doctor. So that Google can understand that the content that is writing in your blog is actually the right person to write the content.

3 - Answer in Forum Website

There are many forum websites in which people ask questions like Quora. You create your profile on the Forum Website and answer the question related to your Blog Topic.

4 – Create Backlink from Related Website

Whenever you create a backlink, take a backlink from the website related to your topic. When you create a backlink from a High Authority website related to your topic, then Google also starts having trust in your website.

If you follow these 4 tips then your EAT will definitely improve and the ranking of your website will be good.
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