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In order to reduce the ESR level in the event of an increase, you must first find out the problem. Due to which your ESR level has increased.

The easiest way to avoid any disease is to maintain a balance in your lifestyle, for this you can prevent ESR from increasing by improving your lifestyle by changing your diet:

work out

To prevent the ESR level from rising, you should do at least half an hour of exercise every day, such as walking, aerobic or swimming, etc. These help a lot in reducing inflammation in the body.


Yoga is very helpful in keeping our body healthy, to reduce the ESR level, you should do regular yoga practice.

Avoid oil, chili, spices and sweet foods

Do not consume too much oil, chili spices and sweet foods as they increase cholesterol, which leads to inflammation in the body, and this can increase your ESR level.

Drink more water and eat green leafy vegetables

Drinking water keeps our body hydrated, which keeps our muscles and bones healthy, and also reduces inflammation of the body, so you should drink 1-2 liters of water daily along with green leafy vegetables, and replace soybean oil. Use olive oil.
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