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Step-1: Go to the Settings menu in the phone.

Go to Apps on your mobile and from there open the Settings app. If you want, by lowering your Notification Bar, you can open the settings by clicking on the icon of the settings on the right side corner.

Step-2: Go to 'Sounds and Vibration'.

You will see many options in the Settings menu. From that you have to click on the tab of Sounds and Vibration.

Step-3: Set ringtone.

Now select ringtone option. You will see a list of ringtones that are already in-built in your phone. In that too you can set one by listening.

And if you want to set your downloaded ringtone, then '+' sign or Internal Storage option will appear in the top right side, click on it. Now you can select and set your downloaded ringtone. Don't forget to click on 'Done' to set up.
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