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There are many things to do content marketing
1. Guest posting on other blogs on different topics that will give you benefit of backlink + traffic
2. Infographics creation about stats or data of your niche can be more helpful. Share it on other sires and pin to Pinterest board.
3. Do create pinterest pins on popular boards and create boards with your keywords
4. Social media promotions of various posts
5. ads on Google adwords and facebook ads to add more reach.

These are many ways you can do content marketing
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Content marketing is done in many ways, which can be of many types, we are telling you about some popular examples of this, let us know about the Types of Content Marketing.

1: infographics

In infographics, text is placed over the image. This is the banner and logo in Shops, TV Advertisement, which is called the symbol of its product or company, which gives information about that product. This is a Vertical Graphics in which Charts, Graphs, Statistics as well as more information are written.

2: Videos

Marketing through video is very attractive. It attracts more than text. If Video Clips are added to the content then it is easy for the user to understand.

3: Text

This is the main part of Content Marketing. By writing great content, the user can be attracted to himself. Write good content about your product. Story, poetry, paragraph can be written in text content.

4: Webpages

If web pages are well created or written in Content Marketing Web Pages and SEO optimized in a better way, then users will be attracted towards your content.

5: Images

If the image is used for marketing the content, then it is easy for the user to understand. Images explain the product information well to the users.
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