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By creating a website and listing all your products on it, you can reach your product and your business information to your customers. You can also get direct feedback from

You can also connect people to your business by creating a social media account for your business and posting videos and photos related to your business by giving new information related to your business on it, this is also one of the most popular ways. Through this you can connect customers to your business with your organization and get their direct feedback

You can index your business on a place like Google My Business Yellow Pages so that anyone can get information about your business directly through Google search and can access your business organization if needed Here you can also enter your mobile number, your email ID, the opening hours of your business or your shop, if you have a website, then you can also give information about it on Google My Business.

You can also use Google Maps as a form of digital marketing, you can also attract customers to your business organization by pinning your business organization in Google Map and putting photos related to the organization.
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