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There are three main types of CMS software, if you want to know about them, let us tell you about them:

1: Open Source CMS:

You can download Open Source Software without any Initial Cost, for this there is no need for any License, Upgrade Fees or Contracts but with Open Source CMS you may have to pay for it like:

• Technical help needed during its installation and setup.

• A Compatible Template, Add-ons and Plugins to extend software beyond the Core Offering.

• From employee training to regular updating of software

2: Support.
Proprietary CMS:

Proprietary and commercial CMS software is developed and managed by the same company. Generally this kind of software is used to buy License to use Software, to give Monthly and Yearly Charges for Update and Support etc.

3: Software As A Service (SaaS) CMS:

SaaS CMS Solutions usually includes Single Supplier with Web Content Management Software, Web Hosting and Technical Support. These are Virtual Solutions done in Cloud Host.
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