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1: H1 Heading

H1 is our most important heading, whenever a reader reaches our webpage, his eyes first falls on the Main Heading (H1). While writing the H1 tag, we should keep some things in mind –

2: H2 Heading

H2 is used to describe any one topic in our webpage. The more topics we have in our webpage, the more H2 heading we can use.

3: H3 Heading

If there is a topic inside H2 in our webpage, then we use H3 to describe it.

4: H4 Heading

If we want to tell H3 in more detail in the webpage, then H4 is used.

5: H5 Heading

H5 is used in the webpage to explain H4 in more detail.

6: H6 Heading

H6 is the shortest heading of our webpage. It is used to explain the webpage in full detail.
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