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Chrome is an Internet browser built into the Google platform that was launched in September 2008. Google Chrome works very fast and has many preloaded plugins.

Chrome browser is considered to be the easiest for users, on opening it, apart from unnecessary things, it gives the option of direct search bar in which the user can easily search any information on his things.

Google Chrome keeps all the information related to its user safe, Google Chrome declares all those websites as unsecured if they are not secure, which do not use https protocol, they also alert the Chrome user that this site is not secure .

Google Chrome gives its users complete freedom to decorate it however they like and there are around 150,000 extensions available to make Chrome browser work more powerfully.

Google Chrome is available in about 50 languages, with the help of this you can use Chrome in your own language and today Google Chrome is also available for operating systems like Android, Mac, Linux etc.
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