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Just as SQL has many advantages, in the same way, SQL also has some disadvantages, know about its disadvantages.

It completely depends on Table Objects.

The interface of this language is very difficult, due to which very few users are able to access it.

The cost of some versions of SQL is very high, so it is difficult to create it.
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SQL as we know is a relational database,, so when we have a large number of records and more tables with relations to each other . Example be a student records linked with keys like phone, roll number, class. Everything is linked by these relations.
With the increasing data, relations grow and multiply making the time to search increase. In very large systems, SQL can make apps wait for infinite long time to fetch records, so that is the disadvantage of SQL
Also because of relations, we may have same field multiple times in different tables, which is non normalized form. This adds additional load and use more space wasting storage and resources .
So, SQL is not good when performance is required.
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