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As you all know that technology keeps changing day by day. To fulfill this requirement of technology, Html 5 was launched with many improvements. Let us know about its features.

1: Clear Syntax :

The syntax of HTML is clear, which can also be modified.

2: Graphics :

Graphics have been used a lot in HTML 5. Where you can create Vector Graphics using SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) or Canvas.

3: Geo Location :

It is difficult to find the Geo location of the visitors visiting the website in Html 4, but since Html 5 has been launched, Geo Location has been added to it.

4: New Format :

Some new formats have been added in HTML5 such as Date, Time, Calendar, etc.

5: Effective Presentation:

Effective Presentation can be created with Html because it has a lot of Formatting Tags.

6: Link Adding :

Html allows programmers to add links to web pages by Html anchor tag, so it increases users' interest in browsing.

7: Add Video Or Sound :

Html allows programmers to add graphics, video and sound to the webpage, which makes it more interesting.
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Html basically is used to display content on webpage, which can be designed by adding CSS. We can also embed media like sound, video, images. We can have text animations and creative messages on web
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