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Suppose you have created 10 – 20 websites and you have interlinked these websites. That is, you are putting the link of one website on another website and the link of another website on the third.

That is, you are interlinking your Private Blog Network website with each other. This happens that Dofollow Backlinks are created on all your sites. In simple language, suppose you have started a new website today and you have put the link of New Website in all your PBN Sites.

So you will get Dofollow Backlinks for new website in few hours. The more PBN you have, the more Dofollow Backlinks you will get for the new site. Which is a very good thing. Because it takes time to rank a new site. The reason for this is that Google does not trust the new site quickly.

But as soon as you create Dofollow Backlinks for your new site through PBN, then the authority of your site will increase in a very short time and the traffic coming to your PBN site will also go to your new site. By which your site ranks in Google as quickly as possible with the help of PBN.
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