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You will find many plugins to enable two-factor authentication in WordPress blogs.

More than 30,000 bloggers use the Google Authenticator Plugin to improve their security by enabling two-factor authentication on their WordPress blogs. This plugin uses Google's Google Authenticator App for authentication.

You can install Google Authenticator App from playstore. This is a time-based one time password (TOTP) system app i.e. a random password is generated on this app for some fixed period of time (default 30sec).

With the help of Google Authenticator Plugin, Google Authenticator App connects to the login system of your WordPress blog, that is, now you have to login and enter Google Authenticator code along with username and password.

You will get this code from the google authenticator app installed in your mobile. So in this way you can greatly strengthen the security of your blogs. Even if someone knows your username and password, he cannot login to your blog.
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