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1: How to Disable WordPress Admin Bar for Any User without Plugin

You can disable the Admin bar for users by editing their profiles. Click on Users >> All Users and then click on the Edit link that appears under Users (the user for which you want to disable the admin bar).

This will take you to the user's profile editor page. After that uncheck Show toolbar when viewing site option.

Scroll down and click on Update User. This step will disable the admin bar for that user.

2: How to Disable WordPress Admin Bar Using Plugin

Using the plugin, you can quickly disable WordPress admin for all users. First of all, first install and activate Hide Admin Bar Based on User Roles plugin on your site.

After activating the plugin, click on Settings >> Hide Admin Bar Settings. Next, check the box next to the user roles for which you want to disable the admin bar.

After that click on Save Changes button.

If you have very few registered users on your site, you can disable admin bar from WordPress dashboard without plugin. But, if you have a lot of users on your site, then you can use plugin.
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