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1: Go To Website

To do auto blogging, first you have to go to the IFTTT website. And enter your Email Id. After this click on Get Started and sign up by setting a password.

2: Tap On My Applets

Now after creating an account, go to the Dashboard and click on My Applets.

3: Tap On New Applets

After clicking on it, a page will open in front of you, click on New Applets.

Click on “If + This Then That” Me + This.
In Choose A Service, you have to select your platform. (Blogger & WordPress)

Now select the topic and click on Connect button.

Select Choose Trigger.

4: Select Website

Now after this the permission of Gmail Account has to be allowed. And select a website in the website you have created on Blogger. In which you want to do Auto Blogging.

5: Create A Post

Now click on Create A Post.

6: Select Category

Select the category of the post you want to update on your blog. You can get Automatic Post published from Rss Feed of other website.

7: Tap On Create Action

After that click on the Create Action button.

8: Tap On Finish Button

At last click on the Finish button. So it's done friends, just in this way you can publish Automatic Post on your blog.
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