July 07th, 2024

How to write good content?

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Akshat Gupta
3 years ago Selected
1) Topic Research

Before writing an article, you need topic i.e. on which topic you want to write a blog post. What is the competition of whoever is going to write the post, how many searches are there on it, what is the CPC, after checking all these, you have to decide whether you want to write a post on this topic or not.After selecting the topic, now you have to write.But before writing a post on any topic, you should do complete research on it. Here research means you read and analyze all the ranked blog posts related to that topic.What kind of information is already there in the top articles in Google and how can you improve it?

2) Write in-depth Content

Always a user wants to get complete knowledge on the topic of the post he is reading. If that user backs up from your post and opens another post, it does not mean detailed knowledge in your content. This is a negative impact from the search engine perspective.Google always likes long, through, in-depth content.In-Depth content means write about all the necessary information related to that topic. Apart from this, definitely answer the common questions asked on that topic in your post.With this, users will like your post, audience retention will increase, so that your ranking in the search engine will also improve.

3) Strong Heading and SubHeadings

In an article, more attention should be paid to the heading and subheadings. This is important for on-page SEO techniques of your posts as well as for bringing traffic to your blog and increasing audience retention.
Visitors to the search engine click on that post only after seeing your title. Therefore, keep the post title attractive in comparison to other posts so that you can get more clicks and also use keywords.

4) Focus on Readers

If you are writing articles only for search engines, only to rank them. Let me tell you the search engine does not work like this. You should write articles for your audience only, the search engine promotes the same content that the audience likes first.

6) Engage your Audience

If visitors return after 5-10 seconds after opening your content, it means that your content is not engaging. Due to this the bounce rate increases and the ranking of the post falls in the search engine.Audience will read your post only when your content is engaging.
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