Swati Joshi

May 27, 2021

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Here are the Pros of Google Custom Search:

1. Fully customizable. (You can even change the Google logo and put your own logo). You have the ability to make it look just the way you want.
2. Smart auto complete. Just like Google search, it provides smart auto complete feature.
3. Free option available.
4. Smart integration with Google AdSense by which you can earn money.
5. The search is handled on Google's server and thus your site gets less load.
6. Advance Analytical information to understand user behaviour.
Cons of Google Custom Search:

1. You need a little coding knowledge to set it up and customize it completely. (Not required for basic installation)
2, Doesn't start working immediately after installation. Takes some time to crawl your site.
9 months ago   2
Thank you so much. I am almost done setting it up. Not sure how it will integrate with yoast seo plugin.
9 months ago   0
Swati Joshi I am not an expert with WordPress plugins. In php or any other languages, its simple. All you need to add a JS code and few HTML lines to integrate but yeah there are tons of online resources available. I hope you will find something for yoast SEO.
9 months ago   3

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