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Flipkart Gift Voucher is like a Coupon Code, using which you can get some discount on your produce. These can be activated only on Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays excluded.
Step To Use It.
1. Go to and select the items you want to purchase. When you are ready to checkout, click 'Proceed To Pay.
2. Select the 'Pay By Gift Card' option.
3. Enter your 16-digit gift card number and the corresponding 6-digit PIN number when prompted.
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As the name suggests, a gift card is a gift or a gift. We can also call it a pre-payment card which is already purchased or deposited. In short, Flipkart Gift Cards are like vouchers that you redeem in-store. For example, if you have won a gift card of Rs 500, you can shop for Rs 500 and use this gift voucher to pay for it.
If we understand it in simple words, then it is like the currency of Flipkart, from which we can do shopping. Gift card has 16 digit Voucher ID number as in Debit/Credit card as well as 6 digit PIN with the help of which we can do direct shopping on Flipkart.Just as you have a Paytm wallet, in the same way there is also a gift card wallet. Every gift card you redeem gets added to all the gift card wallets. You can also shop with this gift card. To see your Gift Card wallet, click on the top 3 line in Flipkart then click on My Account. After this click on VIEW DETAILS in My Cards & Wallet option. Here you will get all the details. From here you can add New Gift Cards.

How to use Flipkart Gift Voucher

• if you have a Flipkart gift card and want to use it, then it is quite easy. For this, first of all log in to the flip cart,

• now select a product which you want to buy.

• After this click on Buy Now, now instead of Cash on Delivery or Net Banking, click on 'Gift Card' from the payment option.

• Here you apply by entering your voucher number and pin number, your gift card will be applied.

• After this click on Continue, your order will be placed

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