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To resell the product of Meesho app, you have to choose a product and sell it to someone by increasing its money. The middle profit will be your earning.

Lets understand it with an example.

Suppose a product on Meesho app is worth Rs 600. You share product photos with others through your social media accounts.
Now if someone likes that product then he will want to buy from you. You tell him the price of the product with delivery charge of Rs 700+70.
Now you have to open Meesho App. Select that product and click on Add to cart. Here you have to select Cash on Delivery in the payment and click on proceed.
Now an Add margin page will open. In which you have to fill the price at which you are selling that product to another. Like you have written 700 rupees in it. So a bill of Rs 770 will be generated with delivery charges.
After which you have to enter the address and phone number of the product buyer. 100 rupees earned on that product will be sent to your bank account ten days after the order and delivery is completed.
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