July 07th, 2024

How to start poultry farm business

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Akshat Gupta
3 years ago
Step 1) Analyze Poultry Farming Business

Whatever be the business, its success depends on your hard work, if you do not have much knowledge about poultry farming, then first of all gather information about it. To gather information, meet the owners of the poultry farm near you.

Gather all the information about how to do business with them and how to send your salmon to the market. Even if you don't act according to them, the more information you have, the better it will be for your business.

Step 2) Arranging the Space (Building the Shed)

At what level and how many chickens you want to keep, you will have to arrange the land accordingly. By the way, 1 to 2.5 square feet of land is enough for one chicken, if less than this, then the chickens can face problems, then if you raise 150 chickens then you will need 150 to 200 feet of land.

Step 3) Types of Chickens

In the business of poultry farming, you have to first decide what kind of poultry you want to raise. There are three types of chickens. In which layer chicken, broiler chicken and indigenous chicken are included.

Layer chickens are mostly used to get eggs. It starts laying eggs after 4-5 months of age. After this it lays eggs for about 1 year. After that, when their age is around 16 months, then they are sold for meat.

The second is broiler chicken, they are mostly used as meat. They grow faster than other types of poultry, which is what makes them the best for use as meat.

The last is the indigenous chicken, they are used to get both eggs and meat. Decide what kind of chicken you want to raise. Accordingly, you have to buy the chicks.

Step 4) Where to get the chicks?

If the location and type of hen has been selected, it is time to bring the chicks. So let us tell you that chicks are very important in poultry farming, without them this business is not possible. Therefore, wherever you bring them from, take care that they do not suffer from disease.

Because if they get sick, the rest of your chicks can also be affected and they too can become sick. Therefore, with the help of a well-known expert, bring the chicks here. Most of the chicks cost around 30 to 35 rupees, you can buy 100 chicks for 3000 to 3500 rupees.

Step 5) Arrangement of food

Now you have land for business and you also have chicks, so now it's time to arrange food for them. So you can give many different types of feed to the chickens. But if you want to see more growth in your chicks, then you can give them flaxseed, corn etc. to eat. Both of them are very nutritious and help in growth. Apart from this, you will have to arrange water for the chickens.

Keep in mind that the water should be clean and the pot of water should be cleaned from time to time. Give reason for feeding chickens and chicks at night. He does not eat food at night, so give food during the day for development. If fed properly, it can take about 45 to 55 days for a chick to weigh 1 kg. Weight is very important, so pay attention to food.
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