How to take down your copyrighted content from content pirate blogs?

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Himangshu Kalita Selected

Himangshu Kalita

2 years ago
Hi Swati Joshi, Last time I report a lot of pirated content blog on google.

this is the right method.

1. Removing Content From Google link -

they ask What Google product does your request relate to?

if the pirated blog is on WordPress then click Google Search and continue. ( for Blogspot site click Blogger/Blogspot button )

2. click  Intellectual property issue: report copyright infringement, circumvention, etc. Next

3. Copyright infringement: my copyrighted work is being used illegally without authorization

and fillup the form with your original URL and pirated blog links

wait for the result.

Bonus point- Find who host this site with this tool-

And go to their official account.

Suppose I have found hostinger then I search on google Hostinger copyright report