January 03rd, 2024

How to Use Whatsapp Business App?

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Akshat Gupta
3 years ago Selected
If you have created a WhatsApp Business account, then you must be wondering how to use WhatsApp Business App, then for this you have to first set up your profile.

• Setting – You will see three dots on the home of this app, click on it. You will see some options here, click on the 'Settings' option there.

• Profile - First click on the option of 'Business Settings' and then click on the option with 'Profile', here you will see many options.

• Business Address – Here you can enter the full address of your business, company, shop etc.

• Set Location On Map – If you want to put the location of your business on the map, then you can put it here.

• Business Category – Here you get many business categories like- Travel and Transportation, Education, Banking and Finance etc. You can choose the category of your business from these.

• Description – You can tell about your business here in 20 to 40 words, which business you do.

• Schedule – Here you can set the time of your business.

• Email Address – In this you can enter your business email ID.

• Website – If your company has a website or URL, then you can give it here. After setting all the options, click on 'Save'.

• Select Label Chat – After setting up your profile, if you want to set Label then open any Message Box or Chat, here you will see three dots in the top right side, click on that. There you will see some options, select Label Chat from them.

• Select Label – Here you will see many labels, you can select the label according to your customer from here like- if a new customer orders then select 'New Order Label' and if an old customer orders then ' Save it by selecting 'Old Order Label'.

• New Label – If you want to use any other label, then you can give label according to you by clicking on New Label, after that click on OK.

• Save Label – You will see the Label Name that you have given along with another label and it must have already been selected, now save it.

• Click On Label – Now you go to the homepage of WhatsApp Business App and click on the three dots given above, there you will see the label option, click on it.

• Show Labels – Here you will see all your labels, you can see all your chats by clicking on these labels. In this way, you can use the label option to divide your customers into different categories and know who has paid you or whose payment is pending.
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