July 07th, 2024

What Is Poke?

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Akshat Gupta
3 years ago Selected
You must have seen that many times we see someone's profile, then we get the option of a poke in it and sometimes if someone pokes us, then we also get notification if any of your acquaintance has hidden the follow button and you message him. Or if you are not able to send the request, then you can send a notification to it by clicking on the option of poke.

advantages of Facebook Poke

You all know how big a company Facebook is and it does not provide you anything without meaning, Facebook has started using Poke for many special reasons, we are telling you about some of its main advantages.

If there has been more report on your acquaintance's I'd, then you can poke and save his I'd from being closed.
If you are not able to make friend request or massage to someone, then you can give notification to him by poke.

When we poke a person, his attention gets attracted towards us.

If you do not have any friends, then you poke someone, in return they also poke you, then you can see their profile.

If we poke someone, then he is not our friend, even then he can see our profile (image, timeline, post etc.)
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