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Before using multi-site network, it is very important to know that what will be the benefit to you.

Let's say, you have created many additional websites on top of “Main Domain” as well as Sub-Domains or Sub-Directories or you can separate using Sub-Domains or Sub-Directories with your “Main Domain”. If you want to connect different websites, then you can use WordPress Multi-site network for this.

for example -

If you connect your additional websites with your main website in this way, then it will be easy for you to manage all these websites as if you add “Themes, Plugins & Settings” of all these websites from your main website, You can update or delete, you can change any kind of setting.

And you can do all this from a single dashboard. For this you will not need to go to the dashboard of every single website.

Secondly, all your websites within the multi-sites network use the core WordPress of the main website.

The advantage of this is that by updating the WordPress files of the main website, all the websites available on the network are updated and the SSL and Secuirty Plugins installed for security do not have to be installed again and again.
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