Should I buy Webhosting for New Website?

I already have a Bluehost hosting but i am getting Hostiger Hosting at cheap rate of Rs 1200 for 1 year so i have to buy a domain worth Rs 600 so its better if i can get a webhosting for 1200 + i get a free Domain name with hosting? So what say?

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How can I make money with a low traffic blog?

Most of the guest post websites want a lot of traffic for approving a website, providing guest posts. What are the options available for monetizing low traffic websites, blogs?

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How can I get quality backlinks for my site?

Backlinks are very important to increase your ranking on Google... Lets discuss & help newbie bloggers to how to create these backlinks and rank there blogs.

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Indexing doubts

I have recently made a blog. Honestly, I am not having any knowledge of the blog writing Google requirements.
I just write, for in my clicked photos and made videos.
But after a few days i found some warnings from Google Search Console on my blog that one of my posts had some indexing violation.
Pl guide how to go about it ✍️

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Google Search Console temporarily suspended request indexing...

Google removed the Request indexing feature in the URL Inspection Tool. How's it going to impact in indexing new posts...

Let's discuss how you can still index your post...

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how many times should i post in a week?

presently I post three articles more than 2000 words on alternate days. so should I post more or once in a week and make a high-quality post! and focus on getting good traffic. help me out

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